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Sending Files To Your CNC

If all you want to do is SEND and RECEIVE files between your CNC machine and your computer, dncSoftware is just what you are looking for.

dncSoftware is quick and easy to use for those who just don't need all the bells and whistles of expensive DNC systems.
As you can see the program interface is clutter free, there are only a few large easy to see icons and it has the familiar look and feel of Windows Explorer.

You can set up to 32 different CNC machines. In CNC List view like it is shown below, each of the CNC setups can have up to 24 meaningful folder/customer/file-extension combinations, organizing and finding files is a real breeze....

dncSoftware main form

In the CNC list view above, the user has clicked on "Flywheels". This user defined name (could be anything, this is just an example) is simply looking in a specific folder, with a specific file extension, so that it's dead easy to just locate all your flywheels, without having to remember which folder they are in. You can subdivide all your files like this if you wish, it's up to you.

Select a file from the right hand pane using the Explorer like interface and click the "Active" button to send it to your CNC in just one click, or you can select any file from a file dialog box by clicking "Send" , or you can drag the file (from any outside application too) onto the Send button, its as easy as that.

If you want to edit a file, double click on any file to open it into Notepad for easy editing. You can also specify any external file editor too so you can use your own preferred editor software - just point to the editor's exe filename.

There are many predefined CNC settings to get you up and running quickly.

If your DNC will support dripfeeding you can DNC large files, there's no limit to the size. You have several different ways of sending a file, using "Block Send", "Executive Tape", "Drip Feed" or "Turbo Drip Feed" modes.

Block Send is used for sending small files that will fit into your CNCs memory, whilst Executive Tape makes a perfect copy of the file, useful for saving your machine executive tapes as backups and sending them back after a controller power failure.

dncSoftware main form

In the above image you can see dncSoftware in normal File view. This just shows all the matching file specs for your currently selected CNC machines. Browse around just like you would Windows Explorer. You can quickly apply a file filter by typing in wildcards so that only the files you specify are shown.

Supports wait for XON - Your CNC will probably issue an XON as soon as it gets ready to receive a file. dncSoftware will see this and start sending the file immediately.

dncSoftware will also send using it's dnc queue. Simply add the files you wish to send and dncSoftware will send each of the files (including a repeat count if you want) to your CNC one after another. If your CNC supports Wait For XON, then it's really easy to get the files into your CNC, they will go into the CNC automatically as soon as you press READ or INPUT at the control.

You can also specify to send a particular file a repeat number of times, or even send it "forever" until you press Cancel on the computer screen.

Shows the data being scrolled by as it sends the data to your CNC machine.

dncSoftware also now supports ftp transfers to your CNC for the ultimate in speed.

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