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Receiving Files From Your CNC

If all you want to do is SEND and RECEIVE files between your CNC machine and your computer, dncSoftware is just what you are looking for.

dncSoftware is quick and easy to use for those who just don't need all the bells and whistles of expensive DNC systems.
As you can see the program interface is clutter free, there are only a few large easy to see icons and it has the familiar look and feel of Windows Explorer.

You can set up to 32 different CNC machines. In CNC List view like it is shown below, each of the CNC setups can have up to 24 meaningful folder/customer/file-extension combinations, organizing and finding files is a real breeze....

dncSoftware main form

To receive a file back from your CNC, simply click the Receive icon and select a file from the dialog box. If the file already exists, you can overwrite it if you want, if it does not exist a file will be created. As the data comes in, you will see the data received from your CNC scroll by inside the DNC Window.

Many CNCs use Carriage-Return & Line-Feed (CR/LF) as the end of block. When a file is received and you then open up the file into an editor, the lines look perfectly normal, each block is on it's own line. If however, your CNC uses just LF, then all the data in the file will look as if its one long continuous line, with a "funny" character inbetween what you would expect to be the separate blocks, or it could be double spaced in which case your CNC is using LF/CR/CR as the end of block. dncSoftware will automatically detect these and format the file properly, in addition you can force the end-of-block to the required format.

dncSoftware will also strip out any nulls and CNC control codes up to ASCII 31 if you require, and you can setup to 8 distinct character strings that can be deleted from the received file.

In addition, you can "CNC Save-All". Quite often you may have loads of files in your CNC memory library, and you want to save them back to your computer. You can do this by saving each one separately, but it can get really really tedious doing it this way, and can take forever. With CNC Save-All, you output all the files in memory all at once, and dncSoftware splits up the files into individual files, using the CNC program number as the filename. You can even use the comment on the program number block to use as the filename too. It works great with Fanucs (and similar Jap type controls), Haas, Heidenhians and Okumas.

Using the example settings shown above, an NC program like this..

:1234(Big Widget)
N10 M09
N100 M30

Would be saved as file "1234" with your specified file extension in your specified folder automatically just by outputting all the file at once from the CNC.

So, the big long file might be like this

:1234(Big Widget)
N10 M09
N100 M30

N10 M09
N100 M30

:1564(Big Flange)
N10 M09
N100 M30

Which would save 3 files with names "1234" and "1098" and "1564". There is no limit to the number of files that can be split. This feature can save HOURS of laborious cutting and pasting of files!!

If you chose "{Bracket Comment}"

Then the files would be stored as ""Big Widget" "Big Turbo" "Big Flange".

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