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If all you want to do is transfer NC files between your CNC machine and your computer, our dnc software is just what you are looking for.

It's cheap, quick and easy to use with simple mouse click to send and click to receive
, no learning curve for CNC operators! All major functions are duplicated by function keys, so you don't need a mouse if your shopfloor is too dirty for one.

Why pay $$$'s for features in other
dnc programs that you just don't need ?

See what our software can do for you:
  • Easily send files to your CNC. >> more
  • Easily receive files back from your CNC. >> more
  • Nice large icons for easy operator use.
  • Familiar Explorer style interface for file browsing
  • Your choice, either view on a CNC basis or browse files and folders just like Explorer.
  • Each CNC can have up to 24 subfolders to easily separate files by customer, file type or whatever.
  • Apply filters to rapidly find your files, double click to DNC a file...
  • Only a single mouse click to send a file - no more click, click, clicking away and endless confirmations...
  • Drag and drop any file onto any CNC for rapid DNC'ing...
  • Comes with many popular preset CNC settings.
  • DNC dripfeed unlimited sized files.
  • * new DNC Wizard for rapid detection of CNC protocol settings. >> more
  • * new Hot Code allows you to view the first 3 lines when you hover over a file in the list.
  • * new Tag extra info onto each filename.
  • * new Supports Haas XModem for dripfeeding large files.
  • * new Supports Heidenhain Blockwise for dripfeeding large files.
  • * new Queue up your files for sequential DNC- save & reuse - like a job packet.
  • Works with normal com ports as well as USB & wireless. No com port ? Click Here
  • Supports ASCII/ISO and EIA character sets.
  • Password protect RS232 settings from CNC operators who mess about !
  • Open up files in Windows Notepad or any editor for NC file viewing
What you'll get

Our dnc program is a fully functional version of our software and nothing has been disabled. You can load and/or transfer files with our software for 60 days before it will expire. Click here to download evaluation

What you can do

  • You can setup to 32 CNC machines.
  • You can use com1 to com128. No com port ? Click Here
  • If your CNC supports dripfeeding you can DNC large files.
  • Send unlimited sized file to Haas using XModem
  • Send unlimited sized files to Heidenhain using Blockwise protocol.
  • Many RS232 parameters for easy DNC transfer.
  • Built in debug window to help setting up DNC comms.
  • * new DNC Wizard will automatically detect your CNC settings within seconds.
  • * new Hot Code lets you view the first 3 lines as a tool tip, great for finding program numbers !
  • Automatically detects CNC end of block characters.
  • Comprehensive online help.

What you need

  • You need a computer with at least a Pentium 200 MHz, 16MB RAM and 4MB disk space.
  • You need Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • You need a com port. No com port on your computer ? Click Here
  • You need to be able to get our software off the web and transfer the install program to your shop-floor computer. Click here to download evaluation

How much is it and where do I buy

  • You buy off our website click here...
  • Once we receive payment we e-mail you a keycode, within 24 hours, usually much quicker.
  • See our EULA here.

Who we are

  • We have been developing DNC software systems here in the UK since 1995
  • We sell 99% of our software via the web - we do not use salesmen or agents - you only buy direct from us - you get the best possible price.
  • We have sold hundreds of copies of our software connecting thousands of CNCs worldwide

Your privacy

  • All purchases are through FastSpring, a trusted reseller of our DNC software. We NEVER get to see your credit card details.
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